Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upcycled clothes #3

Had time this morning to make 2 more pairs of pants. Have another 3 or so to do. Should have them all done by tomorrow night I think.

DD pants - they were meant to gather, and they are gathered, but was hoping that it would be more than that - will know for next time to do more fabric, this was double the length, but I would probably go at least 3-4 times the length next time. Though these were a lot more time consuming, so not overly sure that I'll bother doing them again!

DS's pants - these were extremely easy, took about 20-30 mins to do as it was knit fabric so I didnt need to hem them etc.

Back view

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Upcycled clothes #2

Here are DD's pants - please excuse the out of focus photos! I'll try and get modelled shots tomorrow.

Front of pants

Back of pants

Upcycling clothes!!

We're on a really tight budget this year for clothes. So I've been looking for every idea that I can find to save us money.

Just my luck that this morning I received an email in my inbox directing me to this link on how to make short sleeved shirts into long sleeved shirts! I've put this on my todo list.

I decided to use this as inspiration and lengthen some pants of the kids so that they will last another season.

Here is a pic of DS in his pants

Front view

Back view

Close up front view

Close up back view
I'm hoping to do some for DD tonight so watch this space!!