Monday, December 28, 2009

Homemade Christmas 2009

I decided that a mostly homemade christmas was in order this year due to both of us not working. It turned out great! I didn't have time to make gifts for everyone, but it sure saved a lot.

I made these gorgeous bunnies for the kids (who after pressing their tummies a few times, told me they were broken because they didn't do anything! though now they love them)

My sister is starting at uni next year, so I decided to make her a Little Mermaid folder cover which I am extremely pleased with.

I made a cob loaf dip (which was a massive hit!) and some royals bikkie xmas puddings and some mint slice reindeer. They were so easy, and look great.

I also got the kids to draw on fabric with fabric pens ($5 in Kmart - not permanent until they are ironed - great for kids), and made them into bookmarks for all the adults, and these were very much appreciated. Forgot to take photos of them though!!

I'm so glad that all my homemade gifts went well. It saved us a lot of money, and we have decided that next year we will be doing a homemade gift year.


Organised Mum said...

I love your blog, so bright and cheerful.The food looks yummy.

Organised Mum:

Organised Mum said...
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Chrisella said...

Could you please post a recipe of the cob loaf dip?
I remember years ago my grandmother made one, unfortunately she passed away before I got the chance to ask her about it. Its been on the back of my mind since, SOOOOOOOOO yummy!